Just another blog really.

I'm late to the game, but my husband said why not, I said why not, so I got to it. I ain't a luddite, but I'm no tech-geek either so please excuse any technical errors that you come across, or let me know and I can get it sorted (hopefully!).

I live abroad, somewhere "on the continent" in the Central European Time-zone. It's great to have nice summer weather, but it's not some fabulously chic European city, mores the pity. Therefore, I feel the need to reach out for some of the more stylish things in life that are happening elsewhere, and anything else that helps me feel more me.

This blog isn't extremely personal however. It's just an online space for my take on books, travel, fashion and style, you know, whatever really.

So why the name? Well I wanted to blog about things I like. Things that, if you will, make my heart go boom.

Plus of course there is the reference to the marvellous Helen Love and their song, Does Your Heart Go Boom? Brilliant song, check it out. Anyway, music has a big part in my life, but this was never going to be a blog about music, beyond the occasional reference. The title just neatly ties it together for me. A sort of personal motto.

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