Monday, 19 September 2011

Everyone has to watch 'Justified'

I love Justified, it is seriously awesome. That's the only word for it. The first series of Justified is a slow builder. To begin with you think it's merely a vehicle for U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens and his general awesomeness. He's played by Timothy Olyphant, who also produces the show. He is a bit of a wonder as an actor, portraying a multi-dimensional/anti-heroic hero. However, come the end of series one, you realise that this is truly an excellent ensemble piece. The supporting actors are just brilliant, most notably Walton Goggins, don't you just love his name? As the relationship develops between these two you realise it's not a clear case of villain versus lawman, there's an element of the buddy movie about their relationship, a not-quite-friendship which draws comment from other characters

Love the opening theme, Long Hard Times to Come, by Gangstagrass. Love the accents. LOVE the dialogue. Love the depiction of redneck/appalachian life. Somehow it seems to make Kentucky kinda cool. Well Givens is cool, no question and he makes an unusual kind of hero. It means that when everything goes belly up, it takes the characterisation way beyond your usual television drama.

Whatever you do, DO NOT start with series two. You need to know what's happened in the first series in order to make sense of what occurs in the first episode, even the first scene. However, if you do start from the beginning you will not regret it.

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