Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hit & Miss

My posting has been, and will continue to be, rather hit and miss, because we are getting ready to move house. We thought this move was going to take place at the beginning of September. However, it has now been brought forward to the middle of August, and prior to that we have an extended vacation in the UK. Meaning I have scant time to pack. So with everything, my little blog is last on a very long to-do list.

On a different note, I like this these cute veggie slogan magnets! However, with all the time I have had to spend away from home recently my veggie growing capabilities are also proving to rather hit and miss (see what I did there!). We've eaten our first courgette, but I was expecting stacks and stacks more. Instead the plant seems to be a bit depressed-looking these days. Not being helped by the English-style weather at the moment either. Shame I'd found a nice courgette chutney recipe I wanted to make with my surplus!

Image via Amepix.

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