Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Wardrobe Essentials - The Nude Look

I am really loving the nude look that seems to have captured imaginations this summer. On Pinterest for example, there is a frenzy of people are pinning delightful pieces in camel, beige, ivory, caramel, stone and so forth. These colours have such a light summer feel to them, I really enjoying wearing them regardless of whether I'm having some downtime, or dressing for work.

I have a pale "English Rose" complexion, (e.g. my foundation has names like "Porcelain" or "Ivory"; pink blush doesn't go amiss, and I have mid-brown/fair hair). Due to this I was initially very concerned that I wouldn't be able to work this look, despite loving it so much. I thought I would just look ill, washed-out etc. However, I now think that the nude look can work quite well for the 'pale and interesting' among us. Our skin tone may be lighter than some of the pieces we are wearing, but this can produce quite a nice, gentle effect.

With that in mind therefore, here are my personal wardrobe essentials for the Nude Look (or very similar to at least).

Stone Chino Trousers from Topshop. Chinos are having a real renaissance at the moment. I like to pretend I'm a little bit French, a little bit chic, when I pair them with ballet flats, and a stripey top.

I have a similar skirt to this Zara Button Skirt, and I wear it all the time. It's so comfortable, and I can wear it with almost every top I own, it's flattering and makes me feel a little bit "put-together", even when I've hardly put any effort in at all.

I don't own this dress from H&M but I do love it. I've seen it in the shop, and it looks really, really great on. Will work with heels or flat, can be made to look dressy or casual. I own a similar type of dress in floaty material, but in a much lighter blush colour.

This crochet trim cardigan from Promod is a really useful addition to my wardrobe because it goes with everything I own pretty much, but has the interesting trim detail to stop it looking just too, too boring. But I don't know what it is with this website, every time. The picture manages to make this cardigan look disgusting. But I do vouch for it in real life.

Another skirt...what can I say, I wear a lot of them, I like them. I'd like something a bit like this pleated midi skirt from New Look. Beautiful, floaty material. Lovely colour. It would fit right in!

They can all be mixed and matched, but they also work well with brights, polka dots and breton tops, so it means I don't have to be completely flesh-toned 100% of the time!


  1. All a little too pale for a dog mum. I prefer to go with the khaki or brown.


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