Sunday, 5 June 2011

Making the iPad more useful - Sourcing a case

Ok, so I've posted before about my extreme good fortune in becoming an iPad owner. (I would have said proud owner, but unfortunately it's still not true.) I've now found its principle use in my life, that of running the Kindle app, reading eBooks and so forth.

However, I've decided it's time to move to the next level. My iPad needs to get a life, it spends far too much time moping around the house. It needs to get out more. And so for that, I come to my hunt for an iPad case. Currently iPad just stays at home, while I show my extreme preference for old laptop, carting that around with me on occasions where, if I'm completely honest iPad would function just fine.

I mentioned this predicament to the husband, he being the gateway to all things technical in our household. I thought he would instantly alight on something funky and lovely for stowing away the iPad machine. Unfortunately to my disappointment he suggested something like this, or this. Not exactly what I had in mind, so uuuuuugly. And look at the websites they come from! I mean, who does he think I am, a techie?

What about these lovelies from Etsy seller Tovi Sorga instead? Oooooh yummy, perhaps something like this could make me love my iPad! They are London-based outfit, producing really pretty leather goods for all your technological concerns. Check out their Etsy store.

Image via Tovicorrie

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