Friday, 10 June 2011

Expat Living - Cleaning Materials

Recently read this post over at the Haus Maus blog. My first thought was "only one thing she doesn't like about expat living"! If that is true, and dodgy German cleaning supplies really are the worst thing, then this lady is doing very well indeed.

I too have experienced the fickleness of foreign cleaning products. What about the difficulties of finding thin bleach...? Who would have thought? Or buying an antibacterial spray for a year, only for the supermarket to then mysteriously discontinue the line.

This happens to us a lot, when things we like go on sale we try and buy in bulk, too often have we had things disappear on us. Which can make me a little teary! Fortunately bicarbonate of soda is available in if only I could find some Marigolds!


  1. Hahah, we have an overabundance of Marigolds here. Panic buying anyone?;)

  2. You can head over to the local stores. This is one way to get the items you need.


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