Monday, 6 June 2011

Etsy lovelies - Red & Black

I'm always on the hunt for lovely stationary, greetings cards etc. I keep thinking one of these days I'll get around to designing my own. Anyway, I have seriously fallen for this little card, from Sapling Press. I think it would be a lovely one to give to hubbie on our wedding anniversary (next month! Already!)

This silk screen cushion is delightful. The description is Red Carp...but to my eyes it looks like a goldfish, anyone agree with me, or have I got this wrong? Anyway, I love goldfish and goldfish decorated items. So this is a winner. Created by Maite of Minimonos, who is a trained fashion designer, but has moved into home design items. I really like the little drawstring bags too.

This is an origami wall decal by 15tangerines. I love origami cranes (much like I love goldfish!), and I love black and white line drawn items, so this really caught my eye. Would look very beautiful on an otherwise blank wall.

 And then I also spotted these coasters which seemed to fit in very well with the red and black theme I have going on here. I have soooooo many coasters, but if I did need some more then these are very pretty. They come from Ruby Press who make some really cool stationary items too.


  1. This theme reminds me of Japan and the Japanese love for minimalism. I could see my Manila condo with these home decors.

  2. I could already imagine our new homes with these decorations. Black, white and red are always a perfect match.

  3. You just gave me an idea what to look for in these new homes for sale! I have been dying to have a house with an oriental feel. These decors would do it.

  4. Those origami wall art really looks good there, I hope I'd be able to find the same print. Thanks.


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