Thursday, 26 May 2011

Having a girlie moment

Another thing about living abroad is that you miss that network of friends that you usually rely upon so heavily.  Girls to gossip with, go shopping with, laugh and chat with. They are one step removed from me now, our communication now relies on Skype chats and weekend catch-up trips. When we do catch up there are always more important things to talk about than clothes and make up (hang on a minute...did I really just say that!). And I miss it. So I have to look elsewhere for styling and make-up advice. Preferably not to the husband, although he doesn't do too bad a job, it's just that not all his commentary is entirely welcomed.

That's why I am loving Sali Hughes Beauty column at the moment. She's like the big sister I never had, going back to basics on so many subjects, and she has a lot of helpful words of advice. Many of the readers comments are pretty useful too. And this is how I came to choose Maybelline's The Falsies mascara. Mascara...possibly the single most important item in my cosmetics bag. I literally can't live without it. On the days I go mascara-free, it's usually a conscious decision because I am trying to elicit sympathy. People will always tell me I look ill if I'm not wearing mascara! Sad but true. So then, as I've not gotten a little older a flaky old 17 mascara just doesn't cut it anymore.

Side point: Not that I have anything against the 17 brand I hasten to add. It's part of my cultural landscape, cheap enough for teenagers and great for experimentation. I remember when it used to have a "No." at the beginning of the name. And in fact one of their eye shadows has become an absolute staple for me: 17 Solo Eyeshadow in Ivory Coast...ooooh it's a lush neutral, yet provides a perfect base for lashings of eyeliner pencil and mascara.

Thus bringing me back to the mascara issue...I have quite long eyelashes, and they need something fairly thick and luxuriant. A mascara that is too watery or thin just doesn't look right on me. The best-selling Maybelline's Great Lash mascara for example...YUK, absolutely hideous on me. So that's why I'm so happy to have found this one at a decent price. Yay...happy days.

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