Monday, 16 May 2011

After the Long Silence

Well I've been away for a while, stuck on the end of a shameful internet connection, and blogging just hasn't been possible.  And I've been missing my little blog. So young, needing so much time and attention, and I had to abandon it for two whole weeks.

Anyway, our wonderful Bavarian weekend at the end of April was just great, spent with old friends, whilst making new friends. Wheat beer, pretzels and other German loveliness in abundance, as predicted. As well as some pretty splendid Mexican food, which included one of the best salsas I've ever tasted. They have a lot of Mexican friends themselves, so it was the real deal. I'm gonna have to get the recipe.

Their apartment was just as pretty as I remembered. All creaking floorboards and drafty windows, yet still managing to be effortlessly charming. Here are just a couple of pictures from their place. A wonderful display of family photos in mis-matching photos, which just seems to work. Whenever I try something like this it just looks too forced. 

And then that yellow lamp! Isn't it fabulous? Every time we see this lamp, just perching next to their lovely, slouchy green sofa, both husband and I start drooling. Might have to start trawling the internet for something similar. I found this site, which looks like it has a rather interesting collection of mid-century lighting, nothing quite like this lovely though.

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