Sunday, 3 April 2011

What the Dickens?

That's Charles Dickens, obviously. My current challenge for myself is to read more Dickens. I suddenly realised one day that I had read zero Dickens. I was sort of shocked. So now my challenge, as and when I choose to accept it, is:

To read every novel Dickens ever wrote. 
In no particular order, over an indefinite period of time, like maybe my entire life. 

That's the theory. In practice I'm trying to always have a Dickens on the go. Something I can dip in and out of, read intensely if I want to, or put to one side for a couple of weeks, and so far so good, I've now read:
1) Bleak House - excellent
2) The Old Curiosity Shop - hmmm, the less said the better. Should count for two books I think.
3) Martin Chuzzlewit - hilarious
And I've just started Nicholas Nickleby. However, I do believe that's the last Dickens I have in the house. "Eeeek, we're out of Dickens!" people will hear me say. Rather like being out of milk, only much less of a crisis.

So, that's my latest book challenge. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Charles Dickens. Which novel is your favourite? Or are there any other well-known novelists who just seem to have passed you by? Classic or contemporary, I'm not fussy.

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