Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sweet Little Seedlings

Last year my best laid plans went completely awry. I planned to plant a little vegetable garden. It was going to reside on my flat roof, give me a steady supply of fresh veggies, and an enormous sense of well-beingand accomplishment. However, life got in the way, and I neither bought compost, nor planted a bean.

This year therefore, I was determined. As soon as the weather started getting a little warmer (which was mid March here), I washed out some old yoghurt pots and planted up. I thought I'd start small, and build from there once I feel flushed with success. So for my friend over at Beauty Loves the Beast, here are my little seedlings:

Aren't they cute?! I look at them and squeak with excitement at least twice a day. On the right are my french beans, and on the left what will be a courgette plant. Nom, nom, nom. I love courgettes. These two little plants are about 2 weeks old. They should be going into bigger pots and start living outside in about a fortnights' time. I plan to also plant up some salad, some basil, some tomatoes, and I'm already growing a frothy mass of coriander on its way (not pictured 'cos I don't think it looks very pretty at the moment, sorry coriander).

I found the BBC's Dig In website super useful. It was these helpful chaps that sent me the seeds last year, and it seems to cater to first-time gardeners like me (read: clueless).


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