Thursday, 28 April 2011

Packing our bags

Tomorrow afternoon we're off for the weekend.  We'll be staying with friends in Bavaria (Germany), so I must get on with my packing this evening. Something smart, something for lounging round the house (they have such a cute place), and something for an evening out.

We'll be visiting the local Bierfest on Saturday evening. A couple of Weißbier are sure to be sampled.  And then I'm hoping for lots of freshly baked pretzels on Sunday morning. They are my favourite. I love them so much I tried making my own...didn't quite turn out as I'd hoped. So I'm looking forward to the real thing. We really like travelling to Bavaria, it's really, really pretty. Hope the weather stays nice and I get a few nice photos I can share with you.

However, in about 2.5 hours time I'm expecting the commonly heard plaintive cry from my husband. "But what shall I pack my clothes in........?! I need a weekend bag.............!" Every time we go away it's always the same story, he has no suitable bag.  Often he ends up using some pink Roxie carry-on number belonging to yours truly. So I'm thinking it's about time I did something about this. I know he's had his eye on this holdall from Marks & Spencer. It is rather splendid and smart. So should I treat him to it? Or should I wait until our wedding anniversary?


  1. What shall I pack my clothes in???

  2. Heart Went Boom28 April 2011 at 22:14

    Have you even got any clothes to pack yet?!

  3. get him the bag ,then you can treat yourself to a massive shopping spree ,with a great friend !! ;)

  4. Hey, I like your thinking. Can't wait til our spree!!!


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