Saturday, 2 April 2011

The New Girl

Wow, this is difficult. It feels a bit like one of those terrible team-building exercises you get at work. "Introduce yourself and tell us 15 interesting things about yourself." Or even worse, your first day at school. You don't know anyone, and you don't know how anything works or where the toilet is. In fact I remember my first day at school, sitting on those teeny-tiny chairs, at a teeny-tiny table. We made concertina caterpillars from tongues of paper, no doubt decorated in excellent "five year old imitating Jackson Pollack" fashion. However, I didn't know the rules. When I needed to ask a question I put my hand up and called out "Teacher, Teacher." I received such withering looks from the five year olds around me that I scarcely put my hand up again during the rest of my education. "You don't say Teacher, you say Miss," someone hissed at me. Phew, it was a minefield.

So here we are, another new blog, from a new girl who doesn't really know what she is doing, and will probably make lots of mistakes. So welcome, [insert curtsey here] and please read and return!

image via -bartimaeus-


  1. A super first post - congratulations! I look forward to discovering 15 (and more) interesting things about you.

  2. Aw thanks, I'm blushing! As for the 15 interesting things, eeek, I just don't think it's possible...


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