Friday, 8 April 2011


In quite a few places I've noticed people talking about the current trend of the LWD (Little White Dress), lace where possible. I feel that this somewhat validates a purchase I made in December. Many apologies for the ghastly photograph. But anyway, here is my version of the LWD, it's off-white chiffon, with a tiny black polka dot, long sleeves and a lacy collar.

And now for where I bought it. Whilst staying in Bangkok, my accommodation was about 10 minutes away from the Platinum Fashion Mall. At first glance the Mall looked a little like a scruffy indoor market, the type we're used to in the UK that sell reels of cellotape or dodgy old cassette tapes. But first impressions were thoroughly deceiving. Closer inspection yielded pure joy. I spent a very happy day here, and left clutching a plastic bag full of clothes, having spent no more than I would have done back home on one skirt from H&M. Bonkers eh? If there is a next time, I will make this place the final stop in my itinerary, and stuff my pack full of drool-worthy delights.

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