Wednesday, 20 April 2011

iPad - How do you use yours?

Recently we were given an iPad. I know, I know, we don't know we've been born, right? Well this was a very kind gift, from some friends who felt that we'd helped them out. They'd received it from work, but basically felt that they had absolutely no use for it. Knowing my husband to be a bit of a tech-freak they gave us a pristine, box-fresh, completely sealed iPad.

And so then we had the problem. What on earth will we use it for? We kept in its box it for a while, admiring the outside, while we pondered the issue. Bottom line is we really, really DON'T need this piece of kit. Husband wondered about selling it. I was adamant that we couldn't, it was a gift after all. So we kept it in its box until the day after iPad 2 was released and then we opened it.

Now bearing in mind that I am not usually a Mac user, and I hate having to download apps just to get the simplest function, here are my thoughts.
What an iPad is good for:
1) Checking email
2) Watching YouTube
3) Quick internet surfing
4) Slicing fruit - care of Fruit Ninja
5) Eating fish - care of Hungry Shark
6) Reading books via the Kindle App
And with this final one herein lies the secret that is making me quite satisfied with owning an iPad.

What an iPad is NOT good for:
1) Writing anything
2) Serious internet browsing

If you're gonna buy one then you might as well make it an iPad 2, thinner, lighter, has a camera, all in all a bit more useful, and sooooooo pretty.

But for me, as an expat living abroad with a penchant for literature, this iPad hasn't come a minute too soon. With 1-Click ordering activated on Amazon, I am downloading books at a rate of knots, and a whole world has opened up to me. However, it does feel a bit like I've just borrowed these books from the library. I am still addicted to paper copies.

So the iPad then.  It's never going to replace my library, and it's never going to replace my laptop, but it's proving jolly useful in my current set-up. What am I missing? How do you use yours?

image via Red & Rosy


  1. Best for games - flight control, scramble and cut the rope.
    Get WTlib using Isilo. Count your hours using MyTime.
    Find any item of clothing with Shopstyle.

  2. Thanks Jas for the suggestions! I'll let you know how I get on......


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