Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ich Bin Klein

Forget Paris in the spring time, Berlinis the place to go. I've been to Berlin twice, but feel like I have scarcely scratched the surface. It makes for a great city break; architecture, culture and history in spades. Beautiful parks, museums and galleries, trendy eateries, and achingly cool shopping. Plus, in comparison with places such as Paris and London, the prices are reasonable. It is easy to get around, and feels very safe. Oh take me back now!

Here's my personal "Best of Berlin":

Pergamon Museum - An historical smorgasbord, just entering made me feel terribly clever! Being able to walk on the steps of the Pergamon Altar (2nd century BC) and enter the Ishtar Gate (6th century BC, Babylon) was a real highlight.

East Side Gallery - This is what is left of Berlin wall, go and remember the past, imagine what it was like for those living behind the wall, and see the creative remains.

The Reichstag When we went it was still free to enter, you just had to queue... for ages. Now it appears you need to have a restaurant reservation or be booked into a lecture to visit, which is a real shame. However, if you do get an opportunity to go, the dome added by Norman Foster is really interesting architecturally. Otherwise it's a great building to take a look at, even if just from the outside. Very close to the Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten too.

Tiergarten - When the sun is shining this is the place to chill out and relax.  Have a German beer in one of the beer gardens and enjoy the leafy, green heart of Berlin.

To-do list for next time includes a visit to the Bauhaus Archive, a canal trip and further exploration of the trendy Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain districts. I'll also have to find time to sit in the sunshine again at Dada Falafal, and eat superb, um...falafal.

image via Lololand

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