Saturday, 9 April 2011

I Love My Amazon Basket

I blush to think how much time I spend browsing on Amazon. However, when I lived in the UK, I spent a lot of time in bookshops, thumbing through paperbacks, seeing how many Booker or Orange-nominated authors I could squeeze out of a buy 2, get 1 free offer. It was my equation for a successful shopping experience. Time spent in TopShop / Time spent in New Look = Amount of time to spend in Waterstones = Happy Shopper.

Now unfortunately living hours and hours away from any bookshop that stocks English books, I feel like I've had my right arm cut off. So instead I while away the time on Amazon, popping things into my virtual basket. I love my Amazon basket. I squirrel things away there, keeping them for a rainy day, exaggeratedly pondering the will I buy-won't I buy question. And Amazon looks after my groaning basket of books. Like an eager little puppy, there it is reminding me about my basket every time I return.

Then in a flurry of activity, prior to having guests come out to visit us, I go into an ordering frenzy, demanding friends fill their suitcases with weighty tomes. The thicker the better, I won't even consider a book under an inch thick these days. 2 inches or more is Much Better. Gotta make my reading experience last, savour it as long as possible. It's a very sad situation being a book lover, cut off from books. So thank goodness for my Amazon basket.

Here's some of the current books in my basket:
Anatomy of a Disappearance Heard this book reviewed on Front Row I think and thought it sounded pretty good.
Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home I love both cooking from and just reading Nigellas' books. There's nothing quite like curling up with a Nigella book when you're feeling a bit low in spirits.
The Digital Photography Book If you saw my photo from my last post you will understand why I need this book, or something similar. Any recommendations folks for a good How To book?
The Handmaid's Tale Can you believe, I've never read this book?! Shocking.
The English Urban Renaissance: Culture and Society in the Provincial Town 1660-1770 (Oxford Studies in Social History)Yes, this book really is in my basket! It's been there a long time as you can imagine, perhaps because it's pricey, perhaps because it's just a complete whim. However, I do find urbanisation and the history of urbanisation, really interesting...hmmm, you're not convinced? No, neither am I.

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