Thursday, 14 April 2011

For the Love of Rhubarb

Yesterday was a very exciting day. I spotted rhubarb in our local Tesco! This only ever happens once a year, so as soon as I see it, with a whoop I joyfully gather up a bundle.

Unfortunately, the staff here usually don't know what this strange fruit is (although, did you know, it is often classified as a vegetable). Last year the cashier tried to charge me by the stick. It was going to cost me approximately £25! I mean, I like rhubarb, but not that much. The situation attracted the attention of a couple of other cashiers, and the security guard; all plainly curious as to how one went about eating it.

The weather has gone a little chilly again, so therefore a rhubarb crumble seems about perfect for a cosy evening, something to lift spirits a little. I'll probably use this recipe (if I feel extra lazy and can't be bothered to pre-cook the rhubarb) or this one. Mmmmm, a taste of home.

image via haikugirl


  1. mmm, rhubarb. My workmate picked some for me fresh from his allotment the other morning. Stewed with greek yoghurt (can you get that?) and honey on top....

  2. Oooh, sounds lovely. Greek yoghurt an occasional treat over here.

  3. Next I am going to experiment with it in trifle - trifle being my latest fad.

  4. Trifle! I can't even remember the last time I had trifle. How do you usually make yours?


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