Monday, 4 April 2011

The Chunky Heel

Like many self-respecting girls, I've recently found myself being more drawn to the chunky shoe. The Sartorialist posted recently highlighting one girls' wonderful shoes. This post led to a spot of bother regarding the way he described her shape. This is a fray I shall not be entering, but suffice it to say the photos added grist to my mill. However, woe is me, quite such towering heels are out of my comfort zone, and the current blue shoes I own often languish in the cupboard, so I'd be looking for a more (whisper it) practical colour. Isn't practical the most boring/least stylish word in the universe? (sigh)

The enduring Zara has this offering. Excellent paired with that leather jacket already mentioned. However, in my local (not very local) Zara, these shoes weren't available, and I didn't like any of the others that they had there. Another option I came across was in Promod. A slightly cheaper compromise perhaps.  Do Promod shops even exist in the UK? Perhaps it's more of a mainland European shop. They seem to just have online ordering for the UK.  Personally, I find the website a bit off-putting, not keen on the styles they promote on the front page, but the store does have some wonderful bits.

image via Zara

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