Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Talking about Book Bags

One little thing I have noticed while living in central Europe is the ubiquitous use of book bags! It seems that at every turn people are cycling or strolling past me with their little fabric bags. Usually they are awkwardly bulging with last night's beer bottles. People here always pay a deposit on their beer bottles and return them to receive a little money-back voucher. It thus becomes quite a part of people's daily routine, and of course drinking beer makes up a pretty big part of peoples' lives here in the Czech Republic.

Anyway, I now seem to be starting a collection of lovely book bags and I'm on the look out for more. I tend to go for slightly prettier ones than the beer soaked and stained ones in use here though! I have a couple cotton ones, both given to me by friends from Germany.  One with a picture of the Berlin Reichstag. I love using these when picking up a few bits of shopping. They make me feel terrible eco-conscious and worthy.

I also have the Penguin lovely pictured above, a great pressie given to me by the husband. I actually prefer using cotton ones, as opposed to oilcloth. Just more flexible to scrunch up inside another bag. However, I do just adore the iconic Penguin design. I love all of their range, having bought various Penguin mugs for different friends over the years. I'm loving their luggage tags too at the moment, isn't this one cute? And this one too!

image via Art Meets Matter

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